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From February 2012 Aion will be free-to-play on EU servers.

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To continue playing your European account after the transition, you must consent to allow the transfer of your account information from NCsoft.

It is actually a solid game and it is just download getting better and better.

Aion EU just released their first episode "Ask AION " answering the most frequently asked and most important questions.

It has been officially confirmed that GameForge will attend upcoming GamesCom 2012, a massive annual gaming event in Germany.

In the coming weeks Aion team plans a plenty of events in Atreia to players to earn some valuable items.

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Read full article By hatake, Take a first look into Cygnea, where one half of the risen island is occupied by Elyos forces.

GameForge is certainly not as bad as Evony, but they in some of their games, the service can be worse than Nexon (if that's possible).

The main reason for this switch are deserted lands in Atreia.

The content expansion Aion: Upheaval launches on June 17!

Or can't i play on NA severs, is there an ip block or something?, 05:26 PM #2, 05:30 PM #3 Still learning the ropes Reputation: 10 Rep Power 8 what do you mean by monthly cost to unlock the trading ability.

EDIT : AND THE BEST PART YET IS THEIR APRIL 1st PATCH FOR IKARIAM : They deleted the upgrade-costs from the help-pages, because city warehouses cost more to resources upgrade than could be held inside a city, so instead of fixing it after a month, they hid the upgrade-costs from the public.

This free expansion will bring massive and destructive change to the world creator of Atreia, as Beritra takes the next steps in his master plan.

Do you want to see the story happening on the new land?

Check out the video to see what they are.

Here's an overview of all events and offers Read full article By hatake, The North American Aion development team announced that Aion: Upheaval, the latest Truly Free expansion in the games five-year history, has been released and is now live.