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They are HTML 5Christmas1, HTML 5Christmas2, HTML 5Christmas3, etc.

New features of Version 5.50 Added three kinds of HTML 5 templates.

Modifies other details of Premium flash templates.

Fixed some minor bugs in download Web Album theme.

Added the function of showing name and description of the photos when using the HTML 5 templates.

They are HTML 5lumen and HTML 5quiet.

New features of Version 5.27 Adds zoom in and zoom out function to most templates while slideshow shows in web browser.

New features of Version 5.42 dowland Adds web albumcompact template in Web Album Theme; adds Christmas 17, 18, 19, and Father's Day template in Premium Theme.

New features of Version 5.51 Changed the program named from Photo Flash Maker to Photo Slideshow Maker.

New features of Version 5.53 Added eight kinds of HTML 5 templates.

Month Number Number with leading zeros Short name.

New features of Version 5.52 Solved the problem of exporting customized templates.

New features of Version 5.39 Adds memory function for "Customize Properties when using Premium templates, the program automatically saves and adjusts the customization properties.

New features of Version 5.35 Adds random playing feature to templates under Professional and Premium themes.

Adds filtering function for all buttons in the template.

Changes the default path of downloaded Premium flash templates.

Solved the problem of previewing local HTML 5 slideshows in Chrome and Opera.

New features of Version 5.26: Adds simple Flash templates for 32 teams of FIFA World Cup.