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Note: The file version number for proddata.

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To identify which AutoCAD LT Update 2 needs to be installed on your system, in Windows Explorer, navigate to the installation folder of AutoCAD LT 2010 (for example, C:Program FilesAutoCAD LT 2010).

Dll is version, use the following file: You do not have to install Update 1 in order to install Update 2.

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Dll, select Properties and in the resulting dialog select the Details tab.

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Dll is.0 if Update 2 (version 3) is already applied.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7: right-click on proddata.

Dll, select Properties and in the resulting dialog select the Version tab.

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Dll is version or, use the following files: Ifproddata.

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Update 2 includes the most recent fixes, as well as all fixes included in Update 1.

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