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He made a touchdown, which remarked his skills.

Kyle's apparent indifference to religion may be part of his effort to fit in with his friends, who are mostly Roman Catholic.

Garrison, Kyle is a "smart" and "A" student.

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Ironically, he personally killed Jesus in " Fantastic Easter Special though the act was not due to malice but Jesus' own request (so that he could resurrect himself and save Stan and the "Hare Club for Men" from being boiled alive like rabbits).

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He realizes to himself that there is no god because god is supposed to watch over you.

This could be the fault of his parents, who, in a misguided attempt to shelter their son, generally do not discuss with him the finer points of their religion.

He also played bass in the boys' band Moop.

Garrison's Fancy New Vagina he goes to the all-state game tryouts and is rejected not because of his skills, but because of the fact that he's short and Jewish (rather than tall and black).

Music In " Hooked on Monkey Phonics " Kyle plays the guitar to serenade home-schooled Rebecca, who responds by throwing him money.

Also Kyle, along with the other boys, is portrayed as having multiple useful and trivial talents.

Kyle also shouts after Robert Smith in the episode " Mecha-Streisand " that "Disintegration is the best album ever!" Computer Skills Kyle is shown to have relatively strong computer skills, as shown in " The Snuke " wherein he uses various public resources to thwart a terrorist download threat from a Soviet style militant.

Kyle Broflovski is one of the main protagonists, along with.

He reads what seems to be every book on psychology, reality, and science ever written.

In the early episode, " Chickenpox when his father told him about how society works, he thought of a "better idea which involved sending all the poor people to concentration camps so only rich people would live.

Kyle shortly after came up with three haiku's on the spot which were all used to insult Cartman.

Kyle has stated that he wants to play in the Denver Nuggets someday.