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Move 10 features a bend, an audible release, and a pull-off with the bending finger.

Make sure to practice playing all of the target notes with some vibrato.

The Definitive Lesson: Hammer-ons and/or The Definitive Lesson: Pull-offs.

BASIC MOVE 9: HAMMER -ON PLUS BEND This move features a hammer-on followed immediately by a bend, which is executed with the hammering download finger.

This is one of the most essential movements in all of lead playing, so learn it well.

So he devised a simple plan to get his students rockin on the right track.

Ultimately, it will sound like one fluid movement.

Slurs are musical techniques in which two or more notes are generated by articulating only the first note in the normal way.

This plan was built on a foundation of movements that appear time and time again in the lead guitar universe.

You can also follow along by downloading the TAB sheet that I created for my students.

The bend should only be heard on the upward arc; the release is silent.

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So these licks are designed to get the new lead player movin and groovin in a way that they can handle.

A trill is nothing more than a hammer-on directly followed by a pull-off.

It concludes with a target note on the next lower string.

Jimmy Page famously played a rapid-fire sequence of Move 10 in the solo to Led Zeps Heartbreaker.

The Ten Basic Moves NOTE : Ive included a video, which will demonstrate all of the techniques explained in this lesson, after the text.

By their very nature, slurs create musically connected or legato phrases.

Note : Although it would have been fun to keep the "musical genius" myth going, he knew that playing hot licks was not the result bit of genius - after all, he had learned to do it himself.

Note that this move is not particularly intuitive and must be practiced thoroughly before it becomes automatic.