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Since the User Context Gateway is a solutions module, there may be additional costs for this solution.

All authentication schemes are supported by UCG.

May 12, 2010 SiteMinder Presented by Joel Dennison Software Engineering Roundtable March 11, 2009.

The session server stores a users encrypted credentials and associates the user with a session ID.

Configure the session database on the Data tab of the Policy Server Management d Console and enable the session server.

The following items should be considered: The user must initially authenticate to a realm with Persistent Session enabled.

The realm protecting the applications requiring the users security context must have Persistent Session enabled.

Enable the user directory containing the Windows users to run the security context by checking the Use Authenticated Users Security Context check box on the Directory Setup group box on the User Directory pane.

Only authentication schemes that leverage an ID and password can be used with SiteMinders capability to establish the Windows Security Context.

Axiomatics customers know there is another way.

SiteMinder FAQ Vikram Mullachery on m. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. CA SiteMinder (manufactured by CA Inc.) suite of products is one of the.

Overview: In a Windows network, a security context defines a users identity and authentication information.

Old, static access control models radically fail when cloud computing, big data and BYOD trends meet new regulatory demands.

In cases where that is not possible and the SiteMinder native capabilities free to establish the security context do not meet the specified requirements, CA has a solution module called the User Context Gateway that can establish the security context for the user.

The SiteMinder Session Server must be configured and enabled on all the Policy Servers.

Thought Leadership Axiomatics is the market leader in dynamic authorization; Success Stories Find out how clients use our solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

X.509 Client Certificate and HTML Forms Authentication Schemes.

What we do We provide dynamic access control solutions to help our customers manage their new information security challenges.

SiteMinder natively can only supply the users password to the first resource requested after authentication.