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Correct timing of performances, quantize your audio and even convert audio to MIDI.


If you signed up for the upgrade earlier, you may have already received a notification.

Windows 10 has new MIDI APIs that are suitable to universal applications, so theyre applicable to Windows 10-based desktops, phones, tablets, etc.

There have been changes in the multimedia scheduler service and kernel components to minimize DPC spikes (particularly when in lowlatency mode).

Its encouraging to see some additions to Windows 10 that were influenced directly by industry feedback, including concerns about lowlatency audio and MIDI problems such as jitter and multiclient support.

Unlike Windows 8 where Windows Store applications always ran full screen, in Win 10 they can now run as windows side-by-side along desktop applications.

Its impressive how good the voice recognition in Cortana is.

Windows 10 now has a hardware latency measurement tool thats part of the Windows HLK package, and which you can download to measure round-trip latency.

CORTANA SEARCH INTEGRATED VOICE SUPPORT Ported over from Windows Phone, Windows 10 now has built-in voice search capabilitiesa first for a desktop OSthat lets you perform (for example) web or desktop searches using you, voice.

WINDOWS 10 AUTO UPDATES There is a somewhat controversial change to how Windows update works in WIndows 10.

These APIs were desktop-only and not available to universal apps, which is Microsofts new programming model.

Windows 10 Pro users will have a little flexibility; theyll be able to switch from the mainstream release to the Current Branch for Business (CBB).

NEW AUDIOGRAPH APIs AudioGraph is a high level API that sits on top of WASAPI and allows simplified building of audio applications without getting into all the complexity of WASAPI.

Windows 10 Enterprise is the only OS for which users will be able to actually turn off Windows updates.

Switching among desktop applications and Windows Store apps was also much more natural.

However, I asked Microsoft if there antivirus had download been any changes to the Windows kernel (the lowest level in the audio stack, which can make or break low latency audio processing) that affect audio processing and received this response: Yes.

(Cortana search is optional and can be disabled if you dont want to use it.) FASTER BOOT SMALLER MEMORY FOOTPRINT One of lesser known but great improvements in Windows 10 is its smaller memory footprint compared to earlier OSs and the fact that it does smart is reclaimed memory is now available to other applications.

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One of the reasons SONAR was feature.

Now, with a completely redesigned user interface, creating music in Sonar is more intuitive and fluid than ever.