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James White on August 21, 2009 Advertisement is for Zoe Zoe Saldana, who was part of why Star Trek rocked, had been working with James Cameron for a while before JJ Abrams recruited her for Starfleet.

Pandora is an amazing planet that has 1,000 foot trees and floating mountains and creatures both beautiful and deadly, Weaver gushed at Comic-Con.

Y Z is for Marketing Avatar has been hidden behind a wall of secrecy for years now, but with the films December 18th release date now just a few months away, the promotional tidal wave is on its way.

Apparently Y Z is for Uncanny valley With any CG animation based around human and even humanoid characters, our brains take a natural, instinctive dislike to anything spawned from lock a graphics package that tries to look or act human.

We have a massive render farm to do the work.

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Y Z is for Navi The alien natives of Pandora are quite a sight to see being that theyre all 10-foot-tall and impossibly beautiful.

Hes most recently been seen in Public Enemies and he impressed the Comic-Con crowd by taking the stage as Colonel Quarles, head of the human military presence on Pandora.

Shes playing Dr Grace Augustine, a scientist with a mission to safeguard Pandora and its denizens.

We spent a lot of time on the character design, and we based them closely on the actors.

This thing has been generating in fragments, for a long time, ever since the mid-70s, when I first started my hand at screenwriting.

We found out that, in our very early testing, going back almost four years with this, the closer the architecture of the face was to the actor playing the character, the better the performance translated.

Fourteen years ago is when all those fragments and inspirations finally coalesced into Camerons brain-pool and he pumped out the first treatment for the movie.

The guys from Ubisoft walked in with a pitch for a game whose themes beautifully mirrored those of the movie.

I don't even remember the transition point from being a fan, a reader adventure of science fiction and an artist drawing spacecraft and aliens to actually putting them into scenes.

We have this indigenous population of humanoid beings who are living at a relatively Neolithic level; they hunt with bows and arrows, is how Cameron defines them.

So, we actually cast this film looking at and making sure it was a face that we wanted.

My treatment was so expansive and novelistic that it needed to be necked down just to make it something that could be done on the screen.

Grace loves Pandora with all her heart and hopes she can protect the people of Pandora, the Navi, against the humans.

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Maybe one in 10 shots slips back into the valley, but at that point the narrative is propelling you along and the sense of realism.