Dell Dimension Xps T550 Specs Free Download

Mine seems to just inhale tons of dust and that will greatly minimize airflow, causing high fan speeds.

I had a similar problem with my XPS435/900 me of it was a problem I may have caused.

Grease available many places online, Amazon and others.

So, take the cover off and map inspect all of the areas where air flows, especially the screens front and rear (your model may be different).

Should have done it before I added the grease just to see what the temp was when the fans were running high.

So I cleaned it off with isopropyl alcohol (top of CPUandCPU fan cooler plate) and put some new grease on.

Will see if it continues to behave.

It is very quiet right now, best it has been in a long time.

I needed a new motherboard as I broke a HD connector and got the replacementmotherboard from Dell, last year some time.

Also, plenty of videos on YouTube about cleaning and adding the grease, etc.

Just did it today, so will have to wait awhile to see if that was the issue.

Over the past several months, one of the fanshas been fine sometimes, other times it is running full blast, which is very noisy.

So, today I removed the CPU cooler fan and looked at the grease on theCPU and the fan cooler plate which sits on top of theCPU and it was all hard and very spotty.

Other times, the fan speed issue is simply caused by excessive dust in the various breathing vents in the front, sides and back of the unit.

When moving the CPU and CPU fan cooler to the new motherboard, I guess I should have cleaned the old grease off the CPU and CPU fan cooler, which I did not know at the time.

I download a free app to monitor the CPU temp.


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