Dell Optiplex Gx270 Manual Download

Page 21: Ultra-small Form Factor Computer Front View video connector Plug the cable from your VGA-compatible monitor into the blue connector.

2 If you have installed a padlock through the padlock ring on the back panel, remove the padlock.

You can use the CD to reinstall Desktop System Software (DSS) drivers (see "Using the Drivers and Utilities CD" on page 58 run the Dell Diagnostics (see "Dell Diagnostics" on page 46 or access your documentation.

Page 29 1 Follow the procedures in "Before You Begin" on page 25.

Then, slide the release latch back as you lift the cover.

Mini Tower Computer Back View cover-release latch This latch allows you to open the computer cover.

Page 15: Desktop Computer Back-panel Connectors card slots Access connectors for any installed PCI and PCI Express cards.

If you have a USB printer, plug it into a USB connector.

Page 12 network adapter To attach your computer to a network or broadband device, connect one end of a connector network cable to either a network jack or your network or broadband device.

Page 22: Ultra-small Form Factor Computer Side View power light The power light illuminates and blinks or remains solid to indicate different states: No light The computer is turned off.

4 Grip the sides of the computer cover and pivot the cover up using the hinge tabs as leverage points.

Page 9 5.25-inch drive bay Can contain an optical drive.

Appropriate for your configuration, providing critical updates for your operating system and support for Dell Select Drivers Downloads, then click Go.

NOTE : If you purchased an optional graphics card, this connector will be covered by a cap.

Page 23: Ultra-small Form Factor Computer Back View, Ultra-small Form Factor Computer Back-panel Connectors.

Page 8: System Views, map Mini Tower Computer Front View.

Page 33 System Board Components Quick Reference Guide.

Orange flash A good connection exists between a 100-Mbps network and the computer.

System Views Mini Tower Computer Front View Quick Reference Guide.

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