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Rulers v.2.2 Using the guide lines enables to measure and position objects with precision and it's incredibly useful in many fields, such as computer graphics, desktop publishing and web lers can also be used to select a screen area and take a screenshot.

Publish-iT v.3.0 PUBLISH -iT is the award-winning desktop publishing package that lets you create newletters, brochures, flyers, reports, ads, and any other publications.

DogEars v.1.5 A plug-in for use with Adobe gEars is a desktop publishing tool for use with Adobe Acrobat for marking pages within a document so that you can quickly flip back to them when you require.

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After many years of work and more than a thousand bugfixes and feature implementations, the Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus.

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All the features you need to produce labels with fixed or dynamic text, pictures barcodes.

Category Employee Management License Free Language English 11,987 Total downloads 6 Softonic rating 7.5 User rating License Free Language English 37 Total downloads - Softonic rating - User rating License Trial version Language English 5 Total downloads - Softonic rating 7.0 User rating QSynchronization Icon Description Synchronization of Outlook folders - QSynchronization is a Microsoft.

This can be very useful when you are using a computer with limited memory or with memory-intensive applications such as image editing or desktop publishing.

Create Your Business Cards v.1.5 Create Your Business Card an easy way to design and print professional looking business cards.

It is not stable enough for use in real production scenarios yet, but it can help users to become familiar with the new interface and the amount of new features, the number of which has almost doubled in comparison to the stable 1.4.x series.

Desktop Publishing style so you can use the ease of DTP with the power of cad core.

Category General License Trial version Language English 337,302 Total downloads 9 Softonic rating 5.8 User rating License Free Language English 798 Total downloads - Softonic rating 10 User rating Stanza Desktop 1.0 Icon Description Reader for eBooks and digital publications.HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and.and digital publishing really.

PUBLISH -iT combines the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing.

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PowerDraw is designed in between CAD and.

Category General License Trial version Language English 444,897 Total downloads 8 Softonic rating 5.5 User rating PDF Copy Paste 1.01 Icon Description Crop out text rise and graphics from your PDF file and paste it to other Windows applications Category PDF software License Trial version Language English 10,434 Total downloads - Softonic rating 6.3 User rating.

ClipSize v.2.4 ClipSize is a simple program that shows you how much memory the clipboard is using.

GrafxShop 3.9 Icon Description Suite for image editing, desktop publishing and website creation.a free, powerful.for Microsoft.

Using the simple BookMarker desktop publishing tool's dialog box, create multi-level bookmarks to any depth easily and quickly.