Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 5

This is mainly due the new Protected Mode which loads potentially hazardous items and code in a sandboxed area, isolated from the rest of your system.

Simple UI Adobe Readers UI is simple and intuitive.

Adobe Reader is the most popular program in the world for viewing, creating, managing and manipulating PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

Its true; Adobe Reader does have more plugins and extensions than most PDF readers which can slow operation.

Later editions have also had work done to improve Adobe Readers impact on memory usage so you should find multitasking takes less strain on your system.

PDF became the file format of choice for businesses thanks to its cross platform flexibility and security capabilities.

Filling Out A Form In Adobe Reader.

Release Date 15 April, 2001 (14 years ago ).

In terms of general operation, Adobe Reader renders documents download with high detail and true colour reproduction quickly.

Looking for the Mac version of Adobe Reader?

Supported Systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT 3.5, Windows 2000 x64, MD5 Checksum EA698FDD033AE1B596877A5A76681A4C SHA1 Checksum FCBA 8A2326BEF49DA562BF129BE168CD11B357E1.

You can share iterations, comments and signatures by email or using the Adobe SendNow service.

Security Adobe Reader XI is the safest version Adobe have released.

The latest version also includes advanced Tools (create, export, send and store options Sign and Comment features.

It is the standard that all other PDF readers are judged against.

Classic tools (text selection, zoom, snapshots, find, etc.) can be accessed from the top navigation menu and buttons.

Publically released in 1993, Adobe Reader was originally priced at 50 per user before Adobe separated its product range to offer Adobe Reader freeware and their professional Adobe Acrobat versions.

Speed There have been some criticisms over Adobe Readers speed compared to other lightweight PDF readers.

That being said the difference for the average user is negligible and those add-ons can be disabled if they are not required.

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