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On the top left the app displays a portrait of the president, and on the top right you can view video content that provides narration and expert interviews.

There are others, such as American Presidents for iPad, which does a clever job contextualizing presidents in history with a visual timeline and essays.

One of the contributors to the app, Chris Regan, is a comedian who used to write for the Daily Show.

Price: 3.99 Available Platforms: iPad (iOS 4.0 and up) What does this app do?

Arthur, our 21 st president, was nicknamed Elegant Arthur?

Tap another button to change the sp background music from theme songs to songs for each era.

Open the app by swiping to the left and page through, one by one, to see each president in chronological order.

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And burned down the White House during James Madison's presidency.

Software Technology Electronics American Presidents Disney Publishing Worldwide.

The app, released in early October, gives users the chance to flip through a digital scrapbook in order to learn about the lives and times of our 44 U.S.

App Name: Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook.

These are a few of the facts you can learn through the "Disney American Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook" app.

Pop quiz: Who was our 19 th president and in which era did he serve?

Each page offers its own possibilities-tap on an icon to learn how the British invaded Washington D.C.

(Full disclosure: Disney is also the parent company of ABC News.) Andrew Sugerman, executive vice president of Disney Publishing Worldwide, says the app, born out of "The American Presidents" DVD series and mapped to national social studies curricula for grades 3 through 8, is a way to bring the use of digital and mobile devices.

How about this one: How many of you knew that Chester A.

Purchase the app from the iTunes store, download, install and go.

We see Richard Norton Smith, presidential historian, for example, explaining the significance of John Adams' decision not to go to war with France, and Mo Rocca, political commentator, expounding on the Alien and Sedition Acts and how this related to Adam's unpopularity.