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It is imperative to learn the correct way of offering the Prayer, and to offer all the 5 Obligatory Prayers with the congregation.

Labor and delivery can be a challenge to that obligation. or you can perform tayammum. prayer_and_labor_and_delivery. pdf: File Size: 523 kb: File Type: pdf.

Purifying Impure Clothes CHAPTER 3 The Call For Prayer (Azaan) The Number Of Rakaats In Each Prayer The Conditions Of Prayer Times When Prayer Is Prohibited CHAPTER 4 Offering Prayer According To Sunnah Obligatory (Farz) Acts In Prayer The Essentials (Wajibaat) Of Prayer The Sunnah Acts In Prayer What Invalidates The Prayer Undesirable / Disliked.

This is the well which Allah opens up whenever the heat of hell lessens, causing the fire of hell to rage again.

The time before noon is classified as morning and the time after it is classified as evening.

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Salaat or Namaaz The customary Prayer of Muslims.

Taawuz Seeking Allahs refuge Tasmiyah Reciting Bismillah Shareef Tasmeey A remembrance during Prayer, while rising from download the bow.


What do I need for Hajj or Umrah - checklist - Tayammum when one does not have access to water (know its rulings) - Janaza Salah.

Miswaak A small branch or stem, used for brushing teeth.

CHAPTER 7 Recitation Of The Quran The Prostration For Quran Recitation.

Free yourself for My worship, I shall fill your heart with content - and if you do not do so, I shall make you busy in several affairs but not remove your poverty.' " (Mishkaat ul Masabeeh, Ibn Majah) "Be content with five things before (the advent of) the other five: Youth before old age.

Makrooh An latitude act that is disliked / disapproved.

Wuzu Ablution (with water.) Ghusl A bath (with water) Masah To stroke (wipe) or rub gently over.

The Blessings Of Prayer The Excellence Of Offering Prayer In Congregation.

May Allah grant all Muslims the guidance to seek religious knowledge and to act upon it - Aameen (and through the supplications of the Holy Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him).

Mustahab Recommended, better Makrooh Tahreemi An act that is strongly disliked, close to forbidden.

The Prayer is: A cause of blessings in the house A cause of abundance in provision Cure for ailments of the body and soul A light in the gloom of the grave A canopy in the hot sun on the Day of Resurrection The Prayer is: An entertainer of the heart amidst the fear of.