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By the close of the Civil Way, the collections of the Library of Congress had grown to 82,000 volumes and were still principally used by members of Congress and committees; the Library was seen mainly as the "Congressional Library as it was popularly referred to into the early years of the 20th century.

Thus the foundation was laid for a great national library.

The Library of Congress National Digital Library Program (NDLP ) A physical library is more than a catalog that points to volumes on shelves.

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He returned 150,000 remaining in the building fund to Congress.

The familiar 3" x 5" library card stemmed from his idea of cataloging books as quickly as the Library of Congress received them via copyright deposit or exchange, and then selling the resulting catalog cards at cost to local libraries.

Predictably, Spofford soon filled all the Capitol's library rooms, attics, and hallways.

In 1825 a small fire in the Library (again, housed in rooms of the Capitol) burned some duplicate roxio volumes.

He took the Library of Congress directly into the national library scene and made its holdings known and available to the smallest community library in the most distant part of the country.

In 1873, he then won another lobbying effort-for a new building to permanently house the nation's growing collection and reading rooms to serve scholars and the reading public.

Housing the Collections After considering and rejecting designs for a Library building ranging from a classic Greek facade to Victorian Gothic, a congressional Joint Committee on the Library finally selected a modified Italian Renaissance style submitted by two Washington architects, John L.

Library of Congress In proffering the library to the Congress Jefferson wrote, and then selling the resulting catalog cards at cost to local libraries.

United States, and the papers of thousands of other figures who have shaped history; maps and atlases that have aided explorers and navigators in charting both the world and outer space; the earliest motion pictures and examples of recorded sound, as well as the latest data bases and software packages.

Through an agreement with the Smithsonian Institution, he also began to acquire on a regular basis American scientific materials and foreign exchange documents.

In response, Congress voted a massive appropriation to replace the lost books, plus funds to construct a large, multigalleried series of rooms across the west side of the Capitol building, designed for the exclusive use of the Library.

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A project to renovate and restore the Jefferson and Adams buildings was begun in 1986 and is expected to be completed in six years.

In this way, the Library of Congress assumed a leadership role in the standardization of cataloging practices.