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GSI In manual transmission models, the gear shift indicator suggests the best gear to the driver, for a more efficient use of the power unit in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Scion iQ is only 10 feet long yet.

Start Stop An innovative, efficient system which stops the engine when it is not needed - when standing at traffic lights or in queues - and starts it up again when it is time to set off.

Air treatment is maximised: MultiAir, turbocharger and optimised fluid-dynamics.

Read more and download eco:Drive now: m/ecoDrive Multiair The revolutionary advanced engine intake valve management e secret of MultiAir is variable valve opening, which allows accurate control of air taken into the engine, reducing fuel consumption and improving peak performance and r the first time in the world, air intake is managed by electro-hydraulic actuators.

First, you may want to watch this video for a sneak peek at EasyPower's fast and easy features (best viewed in 720p HD).


A turbocharged engine with a capacity of only 99 cc capable of 85 HP and only 92 g of CO2/km in MTA version: limited fuel consumption and emissions.

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Fitted for the first time on the FIRE 1.4 engine.

The latest-generation Common Rail allows more effective management of fuel injections, increasing them from 5 to 8 per engine cycle (closely-spaced multiple injections).More noiseless than the previous version, MultiJet II will save you 3 on fuel consumption and up to 20 on nitrogen oxide emissions.

The Fiat methane range is now the most extensive in the world: five models to choose from.

Ethanol-based fuels The Tetra Fuel, a development of the Flex Fuel, can run on four different fuels: petrol, ethanol, gasoline and trol and ethanol no longer work as alternatives, as in the petrol/methane B-fuel cars, but are mixed in the same tank.

Management of heating stage To regulate metering of the various injections with greater accuracy: electronically-controlled thermostat (friction is higher when the engine is cold and consequently the engine consumes more and pollutes more).

The system also recognises stop-start queues and is automatically deactivated.

1990 Panda Elettra standard-production electric car The Panda Elettra was the first standard-production Fiat electric car; built in a limited edition, with 12.5 HP engine and a weight of 1,150 Kg.

At detailed the large gathering from May 8 to 11 in Reifnitz (Kärnten the premium brand will unveil the Audi TT ultra quattro concept.

Steering and Suspension Enhancements Deliver Crisp, studio Confident Driving Experience.

GMC Acadia the brands first crossover helped define a segment that has surged in popularity since its 2007 launch.

Lexus 2013 LEXUS ES 3 Volvo V40 The all-new Volvo V40 - model year 2013.