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Gamers can choose which side they want to play as and can take part in 10 battles, most of them with names clearly recognizable to those who know a bit about the history of the period, but also some more obscure ones.

The sound design for Battleplan: American Civil War is period appropriate and somewhat heroic at times, but it can prove to be a distraction when pondering the best way to crush the enemy and secure those all important victory points.

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But I often felt that more context was needed in order to get players, especially those who know little about the Civil War, interested in the subject, and in order to give them hints about how to actually approach the battles that Battleplan: studio American Civil War simulates.

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The main innovation of Battleplan: American Civil War is that, in order for an unit to actually move, it needs to get an order via courier from the general in charge, and theres a chance, based on the personality of its commander, that he might delay or even actively refuse it.

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I used the historical strategies, I developed new ones, I read and thought about the two engagements, and today I still fire up the game from time to time and marvel at its enduring quality.

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After a few years, I re-discovered the strategy series with Antietam, the game that aimed to create a virtual version of the bloodiest battle of the conflict, and with an upgraded machine, I played it for tens of hours.

The ultimate goal is to secure a number of locations and hold them before the allocated time expires.

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Story. Battleplan: American Civil War is, as the name implies, focused on the conflict which pitted the United States of America, mostly referred to as the Union, and.

This basically creates a delay between the tactical plan gamers envision for their armies and the reality on the field, which makes it more difficult to execute complex maneuvers and simulates some of the chaos that was actual warfare in the XIX century.

These elements are eliminated in Battleplan: American Civil War, and that means that the game starts off as a simulation but does not fully capture the realities of the period it is focusing on.

The title holds a similar appeal to gamers who have the time and energy to try and learn more about it by reading the in-game descriptions and then trying to find more material in books and movies.

In the real Civil War, combat was focused on lines and on contiguous fronts, and the old Antietam managed to simulate that and the way brigades needed to carefully position themselves in order to deliver a lot of firepower on their enemies.

But the basic strategy element of Battleplan: American Civil War relies on one core mechanic, that of runners who influence how orders are delivered to units, and it fails to accurate represent many other elements that determined the outcome of an engagement.