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I find it the ultimate can't put-down book-start to look up a subject of interest and you'll find yourself drawn from entry to entry until you've forgotten exactly what it was you were looking for but find yourself seized with the intense desire to rewatch several episodes.

All photographs and illustrations (except for a few historical shots) are in color.

Lots of color photos, and half of the system 5000-plus entries are new.

Star Trek October 1, pages ISBN -10: PDF 974 mb.

Unless you're the most serious Trek fan, you probably don't need the updated edition if you have an earlier t for those who do, it's a wonderful guide.

It is an excellent reference volume and, whether you want to settle an argument or write a novel, this book will answer your questions.

Appendices include illustrations of starships, cast and crew listings, a historical timeline, and a bibliography.

The encyclopedia was devised in part to help production staff on the various Star Trek TV series to keep up with the ever-increasing level of detail generated by over 30 years of creative effort.

The supplement is as meticulously detailed as the rest of the volume, listing such fascinating trivia as chadre kab (Seven of Nine's first meal 'Kahless and Lukara' (a Klingon opera and voraxna (a Cardassian poison as well as all the new characters and species.

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Review I can't imagine being a die-had Trekker without this book: the ultimate reference to people, places, things, events in the entire Star Trek universe from the original series of 1966 through all the movies and series right up to Voyager.

Amazon Link : m/Star-Trek-Encyclopedia-Updated-Expanded This new version of the Star Trek Encyclopedia is a reissue of the 1997 edition, plus a 128-page supplement of additional material that updates Deep Space Nine to the end of its run and Voyager to midway through season five.

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It also covers the movie Star Trek: Insurrection.

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The Star Trek Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded 3rd Edition.

But beware: the extensive cross-referencing leads to curious time-distortion effects, in which the unwary reader, dipping in to settle a single query, encounters an irresistible urge to browse further, during which hours of normal time can pass in the wink of an eye.

This updated edition is not quite as smoothly integrated as previous updates-the last couple season's worth of shows and Star Trek: Insurrection are all treated in a separate (but extensive) section at the back, but a decent cross-referencing system lessens the inconvenience.

Activate the timeline, drag the clips, and start assembling your masterpiece.

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