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The where is often just as important as the who and what because atmosphere is important to CATCALLING STAR, the town of Little, CA is essentially a character.

Kim lives with her husband and their daughter in northern California.

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A couple of years ago, two of my students were having a conversation and one of them was teasing the other one about how much time she spent on social media to which she replied, Everyone wants to be famous.

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I think empathy is one of the great byproduct of writing.

I have a dear friend in my writing group, Kirsten, and she makes me playlists that go along with what Im writing.

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My first novel is SONGS FOEENAGE NOMAD and each chapter is a song that plays a thematic role in the chapter, so music has always played a key role in my writing.

I teach high school and my students often inspire my topics.

And download the way he said itit gave me the seed of a character (who would eventually become Carter Moon a girl happy with her small town life, with no interest in the bigger world out there, and what would happen if she had that security rattled by Hollywood.

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Im grateful that writing fiction has trained me to notice things, to be more aware of the world, not just descriptively but also empathetically.

Being a writer is a way of seeing the world.

Which is just the way seventeen-year-old Carter Moon likes it.

Adrian Born Under A Falling Star is a Paperback book by L R.

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