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4.5 FOD Files What are FOD files, and why should I care?

What DOS based Internet software is available?

What's the story on the 2.01 update?

4.8 The World Wide Web What are some good GEOS related URL's?

Are there any video conflicts download when multitasking GEOS?

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File Manager, Word Processor, Graphics, Communications 2new from 207.95 2open box from 99.99 Product Description 3.5 and 5 1/4" discs with booklets.

This file is compiled from various sources, including but not limited to USENET, the internet, commercial networks, and electronic mail.

The most recent version of this file can be found at any swers archive site.

All the people who have written great GEOS software.

4.7 Publications Are there any GEOS related publications available?

Steve Main for heading up a crack one man support team.

Please send submissions, comments, suggestions, or corrections to.

3.5 and 5 1/4 discs with booklets. and in orig box.

Networks, or other networks (FidoNet, GeoHolics Net, GSMN, etc.) or Vendors, please let me know so that I can pass along the information to others.

It dies with a KR-01 error (divide by zero).

Most European languages need the special characters above CHR(127).

Is there a way to print using my printer's built-in fonts?

3.4 DR DOS I switched from MS-DOS/PC-DOS to DR-DOS and GEOS won't load, even after I run SETUP.

Lynn Montelauro (GSML ynn@aol) for making this FAQ a part of GSMN.