How To Download Wow Addons

It's obviously simpler to use the same add-ons for all your characters, but you can set this any way you like.

WinZip for PCs or StuffIt for Macs.

Try typing a slash command in your chat field, usually /nameofyourmod.

Because add-ons are written by independent authors for the sheer love of WoW and modding, there's no cut-and-dry method for accessing and setting your mod of choice in game.

WoW Rookie points WoW's newest players to the basics of a a good start in the World of Warcraft.

Anything that "plays the game for you" is most definitely out of bounds.

First, you need to figure out where your World of Warcraft game file folder is.

If any of your add-ons has a toc number lower than the current version (showing that it's been created to work with a previous version of WoW 's code it won't load unless you've checked the Load Out of Date Add-Ons box.

Check the Load Out of Date Add-Ons box Every time Blizzard comes out with a new version of the game (in a patch it assigns a new "toc number" to that version, which is then checked against all your add-ons to make sure they're not out of date.

Still, there is a strict policy governing what is and isn't allowable.

In the bottom left corner of your character selection screen, you'll notice a button called AddOns.

The usual suspects include: Some (but not all) power add-ons are configurable through the game's Interface options; look for the Add-ons tab.

At that point, you'll need download and install an updated version.

Activate It's time to fire up the game and log in.

Next week, we'll be back with a list of add-ons that most seasoned players consider to be "the basics along with the m team's recommendations and tips.

Click it to open a menu that lets you control which add-ons are active for any or all of your characters.

Blizzard's add-on forum will confirm just how closely Blizzard works with add-on creators and users.

Google around for reviews and user experiences before loading anything that installs things on your computer without your direct supervision and consent.