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There are plenty of options associated with the Touchpad/Pointing stick available from the control panel but even with those options I could not fine tune the touchpad to my needs.

The pointing stick works fine but after a while your finger will start hurting.

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Looking in the pinball device manager, it appears that the sound controller is Realt.

My goal with this review is to provide an as objective as possible review of this notebook, considering my expectations, my user profile, the good surprises and the disappointments.

The touchpad is pretty standard, with a smooth dark surface, with two buttons which do not feel too stiff or too soft.

Memory 1 GB (2 x 512) DDR RAM (PC2700, 333 MHz) Hard Disk 100 GB 5400 RPM (Enhanced IDE ATA-6) Display 15 TFT SXGA (max res 1400 x 1050 / 24-bit / 16.7 million colours) Video card NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 PCI Express x16 (max res 1920 x 1440 / 24-bit / 16.7 million colours).

The touchpad also includes two scrolling bars on the right and bottom.

A business model with excellent build quality, durability and warranty and with dual pointing device.

I am coming to from a Dell C810 (Pentium III) with Windows 2000 Pro.

Tecra S2 right side ( view larger image ) Right side.

Packaging The laptop arrived the day after the order in a nice cardboard box protected by a plastic bag, looking very secure.

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A decent docking/port replicator option As comprehensive as possible in terms of ports and slots available.

On the bad side, we wonder why Toshiba did not opt for the newest and fastest DDR2 RAM, why not support the 802.11a protocol and last but not least why not have included an ExpressCard slot!

The port replicator also arrived in a nice cardboard very well protected Grand Tour Tecra S2 Front with display closed ( view larger image ) Front with display closed.

Se trata de una excelente herramienta con la que podrs capturar vdeo, editarlo, darle tu toque personal y grabarlo directamente en varios formatos.

You also have the AccuPointII pointing device (with two control buttons) and the Touchpad (with two control buttons).

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