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Mercer Mayer's series of books is one of the most popular children's series, partly because each story not only tells one of the adventures of the young boy main character but also teaches a lesson.

The game has several options for players.

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Parents, too, will enjoy the fact that the game is non-violent and focuses on teaching children new words and spelling.

Now, thanks to Activision's Living Books series, players can interact with the boy and his grandma in LIVING BOOKS : MERCER MAYER 'S JUST GRANDMA AND ME for the PC.

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LIVING BOOKS : MERCER MAYER 'S JUST GRANDMA AND ME is a great game for children of all ages.

This helps younger gamers learn new words and objects.

All of these options create a game that kids will keep coming back to play.

The story is the same as that of the book's: a young boy and his grandma spend a day at the beach, ride the bus, eat hot dogs, build sand castles, and more.

Besides reading the story, the game includes several different mini-games.

JUST GRANDMA AND ME is a hit for young gamers and parents.

Gamers can build sand castles, search for sea shells, move crabs, or even tickle grandma's toes.

They can have their PC read them JUST GRANDMA AND ME in English, French, Spanish, or German.

As they book is being read, they can place stickers on each page and have the computer read the name of the object and spell it.

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