Kaspersky Internet Security Download 2013

Network Attack Blocker prevents malicious network attacks Anti-Banner blocks dangerous and annoying banner adverts.

Maximus IV series Crosshair V series 1 Full Year Protection Protects against all viruses.

Key Features Protects against all viruses Detects new, emerging and unknown threats.

I uninstalled the version that Egor gave the link to.

Oh what a tangled web they weave.

Free, Automatic Updates Upgrades ensure you always have the latest version of your Kaspersky security product.

The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network gathers data from edius millions of participating users' systems around the world.

Proactive Detection identifies unknown malware and lets you rollback harmful activity, if your PC has been infected.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 brings you the essential antivirus technologies that your PC needs - in a product that's easy to download, install and run.

Automatic download and installation features - save you time and effort.

Advanced anti-phishing technologies proactively detect fraudulent URLs and use real-time information from the cloud, to help ensure you're not tricked into disclosing your valuable data to phishing websites.

Uninstalled the 1st one I downloaded then installed the 1 I downloaded from Best Buy's site.

Application Control prevents dangerous applications from harming your system.

Automatic Exploit Prevention Even if your PC and the applications running on it haven't been updated with the latest fixes, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 can prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities by: Controlling the launch of executable files from applications with vulnerabilities.

Two-Way Firewall prevents hacker attacks Security notifications for Public Wi-Fi Networks inform you about potential threats and vulnerabilities when youre using public Wi-Fi.

By combining cloud-based functionality and powerful security technologies that run on your PC, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 delivers essential security against today's threats.

PC Protection Core Protection: Total Security Internet Security Real-time Protection defends against new and emerging viruses, spyware and more.

Better anti-phishing protection A new anti-phishing engine improves your defenses against Internet fraudsters' attempts to gain access to your personal information.

Anti-Spam protects you against spam messages Advanced Parental Control keeps your children safe responsible online Identity Financial Protection: Total Security Internet Security Improved!

System Watcher technology secures your PC from malware dangerous behavior and enables the malicious actions roll back.