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For example, if you see a plate with the letters "EIC your phrase could be "eat ice cream.".

Fill it 2/3s full with rice or birdseed, then add small "treasures" from around your house like paper clips, bolts, pennies, Legos and any other small things you might have lying around in your junk drawer.

Make sure words are appropriate for the age level of the kids in your car so no one gets discouraged.

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Listen to funny poems on your MP3 player.

Once folded, you can write colors and numbers and various fortunes on the flaps or turn them into cute animal puppets.

Compile a list of objects for each child to find along the road.

Family Spelling Bee: See who is the best speller in the family by having an in-car spelling bee.

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Fortunately-Unfortunately: Help your children learn to think positively with the game Fortunately-Unfortunately.

Entertain them by having them figure out math problems based on your travel.

If you get bored with groceries, try using another topic.

Kids can get creative and think up three other competing things (cowboy, ninja, and bear for instance).

The first question for the guessers is usually "animal, vegetable, or mineral?" though it doesnt have to be.

Fold up your own using these instructions or use a preprinted version.

Rewards for work well done wont hurt either.

The winner is the first one to find everything on his or her list.