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David Navarre 7h 63 Videotapes of #MWLUG 2015 Detlev Poettgen 10h 137 IBM Notes Traveler available with support for iOS 9 and Windows 10 Pro.

Learn More Compliance Attender Compliance Attender is a tool that provides fine-tuned control over all sent and received messages in the companys Lotus Notes email environment.

Database Attender Database Attender is an IBM Lotus Domino database management and archiving tool that gathers information about the Notes infrastructure and provides proactive microsoft control over ACL settings, content, database usage/growth and database deployment management.

Detlev Poettgen 11h 17 IBM Notes Traveler available with support for iOS 9 and Windows 10 Pro.

You can rent this space for 30 days.

Address regulatory requirements, answer discovery requests, decrease administration time, reclaim storage space and secure information with Attender Utilities for Lotus Notes.

Messages are captured before they are routed.

Archive information, manage archive databases, address compliance requirements, implement retention/deletion polices, search content, enforce"s and much more.


This includes files on any random access storage that the user/server can address (File server, WORM, SANS, NAS, JukeBox, etc.).

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Discovery Attender Discovery Attender is a search and discovery tool that automates investigative tasks in IBM Lotus Domino server databases (.NSF files instant message logs and common file storage areas (.doc,.xls,.pdf, etc.).

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Home - Lotus Notes Solutions Sherpa Software's Lotus Notes software products provide extensive email management, archiving, content filtering, policy enforcement and database administration capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to compliance, storage management and e-discovery within IBM Lotus Domino.