Mac Os X Download For Virtualbox

Step 10: Now click on Customize at the bottom left, and check the following: For AMD Users: Any Updates included at the top.

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On the "Select Installation Media" screen, you will tell VirtualBox where to find Windows.

Now click Done and hit the game Install button to start the installation.

Part 1: Installing VirtualBox Go to the VirtualBox web site and download two things: Virtualbox for Apple Hosts and the Extension Pack.

Step 3: Name your VM OSX and select Mac OS X from Operating System dropdown menu, and Mac Oerver from Version dropdown menu.

Setting RAM to be less than 1024 MB will likely result in a slow system.

Also, make sure to select "Windows 7 (64 bit if that's what you downloaded.

Youll need to have a system with an Intel or AMD processor which supports hardware virtualization, OSX86 iso, VirtualBox and Windows 7, Vista or XP installed as host operating system.

You should see your virtual machine listed on the left, with the name you gave in Part 2, Step 2.

Select the option which best fits your needs and click on Next to finish the wizard.

If you use Dynamic option, it will expand on use while Static option will be fixed to the size you allotted.

Step 4: Assign your VM some Ram in megabytes.

If you decide that your machine has been assigned too much or not enough RAM, you can adjust this in the virtual machine settings later.

Then click erase at the right and Name it what you want in the name box and then click on Erase button to erase the virtual disk.


Next youll see the Chameleon loader and then OS X will begin to boot.

Drop down Kernels and choose Legacy kernel.

On the first three screens, accept the defaults as shown in the below screen shots.

In reality, it just allocates space on your computer's hard drive, and your vitual machine will treat that file as its hard drive.