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People keep asking me When is Linux going to be ready for the commercial market '.

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If people added up the total cost of ownership, then Apple would certainly have won over the PC.

Today, they want multi-media integrated with their operating system, and have dell all the applications available that their neighbor (or boss, or compatriot) has available on their system.

Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO 's, feel free to contact the supervisor Tim Bynum.

Prof. Michael G. Moore, Michigan State University Atomic Physics Applications Only the formula given here is compatible with the Mathematica function LaguerreL.

There's another document which covers commercial Linux software.

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The University is listed as a suggested leader under the goal of launching a 21st century program for the recruitment and ongoing professional development of arts educators.

And they want to get these applications easily, certainly no harder than to call up on the phone to order them through a catalog, or go down to their corner store to get them.

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Is there a free demo or shareware version available via FTP or WWW?

Somewhere along the way the term commercial' seems to have gotten twisted around to mean ready for the mass market versus ready for hackers'.

Two main goals are being aimed at: It shall help companies who want to run Linux to find software solutions and applications.

I almost added that is has to be economical, but history has actually proven me domino wrong on that.

Instead, it is an instrument to investigate the commercial Linux opportunity and to list applications which were already ported and marketed in a native Linux version.

It is maintained by Alan Cox and can be found at ml.

The original manufacturer's address is always mentioned first.

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