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And Freeplane is integrated with the Docear academic literature suite.

Free mind mapping and knowledge management software.

Freeplane runs on any operating system that has a current version of Java installed.

Functions Freeplane supports the above application areas with the following functions: Note taking with freely positionable, unconnected nodes (post-its Ordering ideas (nodes) into a hierarchy connected by lines (edges Classifying nodes with metadata (attributes) and style types (system law styles, user defined styles, level styles Grouping nodes with visual containers (clouds) and accolade (summary node Connecting.

See Translated wiki pages if the page Freeplane Tutorial Extensions has been translated into your language.

Freeplane is the Community Choice SourceForge project of the Month for June 2014 and the staff choice for July 2014.

Presenting mind maps Once you have a mind map you may want to use and present it.

If you want to become a wiki editor, write to the Freeplane team.

Freeplane was created because of short-comings in the design of the popular open source mind mapping program Freemind.

With Freeplane and groovy it is more easy than you think.

Occupying the middle ground between an download editor and a diagramming tool, Freeplane allows the user to add content as quickly and naturally as they would in a text editor, yet producing structured content that can be manipulated as easily as a diagram.

Freeplane books German: "Freeplane 1.3 kompakt" by Holger Reibold, ISBN.

(To experience these functions, open Help Getting Started in the Freeplane program and select Index).

In short it supports traversing a mind map, taking over abundant clicking from the user.

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Programmers may easily develop powerful extensions and students are stimulated to learn programming in a natural and stimulating environment.

Application areas Freeplane supports much more than classic static mind mapping.

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