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Wystpi bd, prosimy sprbowa ponownie Zamknij Program Norton Utilities jest w peni kompatybilny z: Windows XP.

Inny: Unidad de CD/DVD Program Norton Utilities jest rwniez kompatybilny z Windows XP.

Helps you "rescue" accidentally deleted or damaged files that may still be retrievable on your hard download drive.

Reorganizes (optimizes) files that are scattered across your hard drive, so your PC can find them faster.

Helps eliminate Windows Registry problems that can slow down your PC, trigger error messages and cause Windows to toshiba crash.

Scans for potential problems that can cause your hard drive to crash.

Dostpne jzyki Angielski Niemiecki Francuski Hiszpaski Holenderski.

Finds all the duplicate files, so you can remove them.

Disk Doctor Scans your hard drive and alerts you to problems that can cause computer errors and crash your hard drive.

Procesor: 300 MHz Pami: 256 MB Wolne miejsce: 200 MB Rozdzielczo ekranu: 800x600.

Helps your old PC run like new.

Nie zachcamy ani nie akceptujemy uycia tego programu, jeli wie si to z naruszeniem tych przepisw.

Registry Defragmenter Removes gaps, free space and corrupt files in your registry and compacts it to free up system memory and make your PC start up faster.

Repairs hard drive problems and frees up hard drive space.

Improves startup time and reclaims system memory by letting you turn off unneeded system applications (also known as Windows services) that Windows automatically runs in the background.

Finds and fixes issues in Microsoft Windows to prevent PC freezes, crashes and slow downs.

Keeps your online activity private and helps prevent your personal information from being stolen.

Cleans up your hard drive to help it run faster and give you more room for your Stuff.

The fastest way to a faster PC.

UnErase Wizard Lets you quickly restore accidentally deleted files that may still be retrievable on your hard drive.