Office Home And Student Download Instant

Office 365 University is a four-year subscription that includes the latest Office applications, which you can install on 2 PCs, Macs, or tablets.

How do I know if my computer or devices can run Office?

You can install Office on PCs running Windows 7 or higher, and Macs running Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

Your Skype world minutes allowance resets each month.

Each month you will receive 60 Skype world minutes.

Special, premium and non-geographic numbers cannot be called using Skype world minutes.

Application versions and features vary by platform and device.

Enjoy for free the student and home version of the famous office suite by Microsoft for 60 days.

You can use Skype world minutes to call friends or family with or without a Skype account on their mobile phone or landline.

Publisher and Access are available on PC only.

However, sometimes a price online does not match the price in a store.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with.

Who is mac eligible for Office 365 University?

How much OneDrive storage do I get with my Office subscription?

Qualified, accredited pcm higher education institutions include Universities, Polytechnic schools, and Institutes of Technology, as well as other tertiary-level institutions, such as colleges and vocational schools that award academic degrees or professional certifications.

Office 365 University is available to full- and part-time enrolled students, faculty, and staff of qualified, accredited higher education institutions.

Can I install the new Office on my Mac?

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 when the trial period expires or you don't want to spend any money, you can use the totally free office suite called.