Office Pro 2010 Download

Evaluations tile on your My Evaluations pageallowing you to track your progress, share, and more.

Go on a Tech Journey Explore, Try, and Learn the newest Microsoft solutions, which guide you along a.

Here, all of the product evaluation information is at your fingertipsdownload details, pre-install information, evaluation resources, and more.

Copy the product key down so you can access it after your download edition completes.

Additionally, you can monitor your download status from the.

Try an Evaluation To begin an evaluation, simply click.

FIND YOUR PRODUCT KEY : If your evaluation requires a product key, the key will be displayed in the.

Think of the My Evaluations pageas your own, personal evaluation control centera place for you to track the history of your evaluations, virtual labs, and Tech Journeysas well as organize your many resources.

For security reasons, the product key will disappear when you leave the page.

After the download process completes, additional options are available to open the file location or re-download the evaluation.

But what if you want to read a white paper and dont necessarily have the time right now?

With the pin feature you can pin the white paper and its automatically added to your Resources tilegiving you the flexibility to read it when youve got the time.

Your customized experience begins when you sign-in sign-in to the new TechNet Evaluation Center, immediately enabling your.

Track Progress You have the ability to keep track of your progress as you try evaluations, learn online, explore white papers, and more.

The square icon to the right of every resource allows you to mark the resource as not started, in progress or completed.

Pin It The new Evaluation Center includes evaluation resources galore.

Download, select your file type, complete registration, and monitor the progress of your download with the embedded status bar in the top toolbar.

Here you will see your download status, along with options to pause or cancel the download process.

Tech Journey learning path to understanding how you can bring these solutions to life.