Paws And Claws Pet School Download

Diagnose, treat and heal all manner of animals.

Dont let the animals down - Only you can make them better!


Youtube/thqwireless ALSO AVAILABLE FROM THQ WIRELESS : SUPER FRUITFALL Fantastic accelerometer based puzzle game.


Developed by award-winning studio Universomo, known for the iPhone titles such as quick Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Chop Sushi.

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ATLANTIS TREASURES Oh barnacles, Spongebob is now on your iPhone!

Large array of mini-games for diagnosis and treatment such as Blood Tests, X-Rays, Injections and many, many more.

Play the mini games to take x-rays, give injections, sew wounds and much more.

STAR WARS SOUND BOARD The best sound bites from your favorite Star Wars characters!

You will be playing this game for hours and hours as you build up your very own veterinary clinic in this cute and gorgeous arcade game.

CHOP SUSHI One of the best Puzzle, match 3 games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Examine the many varied symptoms and learn to treat the pets correctly - Only you can make them better!

For games that really rock (and roll and shake and) Check out www.

Let the love in your heart and your skills as a vet guide you as you nurse your pet friends back to health.

DE BLOB Paint the town Red, or blue or greeniPhone version of the best selling Wii game.

TABLE TENNIS STAR - Simply the best Table Tennis game on the iPhone.

Build your own Pet Clinic as you progress through the game.

Fresh, detailed and colorful graphics with intuitive touch screen controls, exclusively developed for iPhone and iPod Touch.

STAR WARS FORCE UNLEASHED iPhone version of the hugely successful console game.

Intuitive touch screen controls make the game accessible and interesting for everyone.