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Excel Date-Times How to Round Time in Excel to Any Increment With the help of three functions most Excel users seldom use - INT, MOD, and CEILING - you can round Excel time values to any increment you want.

This ensures that you get a clean printout with just data charts.

Suppose, for example, that you quickly want to read the help topic for a functionlike MATCH.

There are sandiego 6 important tables: High level project details table People details table.

Use INDEX to iso fetch one of the tables from this array like this INDEX (lstPlans, activity-row-number, column-number, plan-number ) Sorting Projects: This is done using 3 steps: Extract relevant data for all projects based on sort criteria (for example, sort by done means we need done s for all projects) De-duplicate this data by adding.

Franklin Gothic Book for content Franklin Gothic Demi for headers.

You can calculate frequency distributions with Excel's SUM-IF, FREQUENCY, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX -FREQUENCY, and COUNTIFS functions.

Fonts: Only 2 fonts are used thru out dashboard.

Data Entry Majority of data in this dashboard is captured using Excel Tables.

And for detailed help about worksheet functions, see All Excel Worksheet.

Just use Excel Data Validation to return the item you choose, and INDEX -MATCH to return the other items.

The winner should come as no surprise.

Click here to get a copy of the project portfolio portfolio dashboard.

Formulas are self-explanatory, thanks to structural references.

Data entry is easy, thanks to banded rows, headers table styles.

This is too bad, because INDEX -MATCH offers more power and flexibility.

Excel Data Management You can return any number of items from an Excel database.

This has several advantages: Users can easily add more rows of data without worrying about the formulas.

This provides very good contrast, excellent color mix does not surprise many people.

Here are two ways to do it.