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Maps are color-coded to reflect device status and can be viewed at multiple levels (physical view, subnet view, or VLAN view).

/FONT /FONT /P P nbsp; /P P nbsp; /P P Advanced Features with PCM /P P The ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM) package includes all of the functionality of PCM, along with advanced functionality that can dramatically improve the performance of an IT organization.

Product EoS Announcement: PCM (ProCurve Manager with Plus) Suite End of Sale Announcement PCM (ProCurve Manager Plus) Suite of Products Date: February 5, 2013Announcement.

The VLAN management interface lets you create and assign VLAN s across the entire network, without having to access each network device individually.

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Release Notes: ProCurve Management Software ProCurve Manager Plus Version 2.2 Mobility Manager Version 1.1 Identity Driven Manager Version 2.15.

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Nbsp; At the end of that time you can decide whether you want to continue to use PCM, which would require you to purchase a license, or the "free" PCM.

The VLAN Manager also provides Wizards for creating VLAN s, and modifying VLAN configuration, significantly reducing the likelihood of error in working with VLAN s.

/LI LI Click the EM Select /EM icon for the appropriate C.03.20 build (32 or 64 bit).

/LI /UL P nbsp; /P P During the first 60 days after installation you will have access to all PCM features.

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Features and benefits ProCurve Manager Plus 2.0: all of the features of ProCurve Manager, along with: In-depth traffic analysis: An integrated.

Alert details provides information on the problem, even down to the specific port.

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