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Overview QMF for Windows for DB2 Workstation Databases, V7.2 is a multipurpose enterprise query environment for large-scale business reporting, data sharing, server resource protection, powerful application development, and native connectivity to all of the DB2 workstation platforms, including Linux on S/390 platforms.

QMF for Windows server-based pricing, unlimited users per server, and centralized install make it a top choice in Business Intelligence tools.

Users may now create, save, and run QMF prompted queries with their browsers, and use QMF forms to format query results with either a default or a previously saved QMF form.

Secondary authorization ID improvements Improved catalog administration For ordering, contact: Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas.

Connection options to ODBC -compliant explosion data sources.

Key QMF for Windows, V7.2 enhancements include: New capabilities for visualizing data spatially and with charts.

Planned Availability Date March29,2002 Description QMF for Windows, V7.2 offers: New capabilities for visualizing data spatially and with charts Connection options to ODBC -compliant data sources New administrative options, great ease of use Significant new functions for creating and running QMF objects with Java-enabled browsers Data Visualization with DB2 Spatial Extender andIMScoring QMF for Windows.

Multiple enhancements to the QMF for Windows Report Center, including the ability to: View query and procedure text Create comments for reports, preset and create charts and pivot tables in Lotus or Microsoft Excel Specify servers to be displayed Prompted Query includes: Expression Builder capabilities described above The addition of inner, outer, left, right, and.

A Java-based charting component is also available on demand when using QMF for Windows browser-based querying.

QMF for Windows V7.2 offers new capabilities for visualizing data spatially and with charts, connection options to ODBC -compliant data sources, new administrative options, great ease of use, and significant new functions for creating and running QMF objects with Java-enabled browsers.

For example, to: Apply the most appropriate marketing tactics for a new customer situation Identify cross selling opportunities for preferred customers Perform risk assessment "on the fly" Predict propensity to buy, probability of abuse, or likelihood of customer attrition The result is improved decision making.

Java-enabled browsers Intelligent Miner (IM) Scoring support via custom easy-to-use functions Addition informant of inner, outer, left, right, and full joins in Prompted Query.

A new Expression Builder (available when manually authoring SQL and at locations within the Prompted Query environment of QMF for Windows) assists users in creating valid SQL, however complex, including new commands required for supporting spatial data.

IBM QMF for Windows for DB2 Workstation Databases, V7.2 Business Intelligence Starts Here! To view or download a free PDF version of the publication.

Behind the scene, mining is used to analyze high volumes of data to discover the latest business trends or patterns.

For example, existing customer lists can be visualized in seconds by location, layered with multiple categories of topographical features including roads, natural formations, or political boundaries, analyzed for key characteristics such as proximity, and these visualizations saved for later reuse or published to an intranet.

Browser-Based Querying and Charting Users may now perform more operations in their QMF objects using a Web browser, including creating and sharing queries and formatting results.

Java-based query allows users to create queries or execute predefined queries.