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All of our articles, including those written by guest authors, are written by either Landscape Architects or landscape designers and gardeners who typically have many years of landscaperelatedexperience.

Pest Control and Mosquitoes It can be almost impossible to enjoy a landscape if you are constantly bitten by mosquitoes or if your yard is invaded by critters that eat all your landscape plants.

We provide detailed ratings on many brands and styles of furniture.

Realtime Landscaping Architect is a professional software application that helps users create 2D and 3D presentations that may include various designs, such as landscapes, gardens, swimming pools, water gardens, or plants.

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We also discuss outdoor fireplaces (or fire places) including both store bought, off the shelf kits and custom design ideas.

Look for great articles on outdoor grills, barbecues, and smokers.

In our articles we write about the realities of pervious pavers, getting serious about saving water with cisterns, selecting low maintenance plants and how to avoid usingunnecessarypesticides and fertilizers through integrated pestmanagement(IPM) plans.

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Whatever your interest, we provide a range of fireplace design ideas that include various fire elements and styles.

Its no longer a fad and there is much more to it now than just saving a little rain water.

Whether you want tiki torches for around your patio, glazed ceramic spheres to float in your pond or a beautiful piece of abstract art, we cover it all no matter what your style.

The pool was one of the most popular elements of the house and the unique set of stairs, a major selling point for the buyer.

Fire Amenities Firepits (Fire Pits) and Outdoor Fireplaces One of the really hot trends template in outdoor living is a fire pit (or firepit).