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Automobiles Why were cars considered "the most important catalyst for social change in the 1920's"?

Stars: Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart, Alan Curtis Crime Drama Film-Noir Director: Mervyn LeRoy Stars: Edward G.

Orchestral music was also very popular with new compositions like.

Select your five favorite slang words and copy them down.

Among the hundreds of popular musical comedies that free debuted on Broadway in the early 1920s, two classic examples epitomise the Broadway musical of that era.

The Sergeant : I ain't builder workin' for him now and I ain't workin' for you.

Read Dorothy Parker's poem " The Flapper." How does Ms.

It was also a decade of incredible artistic developments in the musical theatre.

Based on information you have already collected from previous questions, why do you think Speakeasies popped up across the country?

Pay close attention to the attitudes of the "Lost Generation" and the "Prosperity Consumerism" movement.

See more » Connections Featured in A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (1995) See more » Soundtracks If I Could Be with You (1926) (uncredited) Music by James P.

Even in the 1920's the lights of Broadway lit up the billboards at night in a huge splash of color that was immortalized in song.

Speakeasy photos Organized Crime and Arnold Rothstein Flappers.

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Vigorous public debate raged between supporters and detracters.

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The 1920's were Broadway's prime years, with over 50 new musicals opening in just one season.

I'm gonna let you stand behind the bar with all your medals on and tell all the drunks how you won the war.

Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Glenda Farrell Certificate: 14.

This attitude kept the musical theatre booming right through the 1920s.