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Speech Recognition Proprietary speech recognition technology evaluates each user's pronunciation against a database of native and non-native speech patterns and provides instant, personalized feedback.

Designed to use only what you've learned, each tutoring session will encourage you to think and speak only in your new language.

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April 26, 2013 Posted in: Rosetta Stone Will using Rosetta Stone Spanish allow you to say: "Me sorprende que soy capaz de hablar un espaol fluido despus de usar este programa slo por un par de semanas!" I am amazed that I am able to speak fluent Spanish after using this program for only a.

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Length of Duration Your access to Rosetta Stone software is licensed, not owned, for a period of time that begins with activation (TOTAL e Online) or purchase (COURSE ONLY CD-ROM).

It is, however, a very useful and well thought out program.

TOTAL e Online licenses are offered for 6- and 12-month periods; COURSE ONLY CD-ROM licenses are perpetual.

Stay connected to your new language wherever you take your smartphone or tablet with our mobile apps.

This simulates the sort of cues that one would parse and process in speaking any language, even free your own native language.

The key to the Rosetta Stone system is the presentation of word and action associations, influenced by context.

Normally, you don't think about this as you speak your own language.

The Rosetta Stone line of language products all share the same basic design and interface.

Live Online Tutoring Practice your conversation skills in live online sessions with a coach and up to three other learners.

Interactive Course Our award-winning software introduces you to speaking, listening, reading, and writing in your new language in a way that mimics the way you learned your first language.

But it's one of the hardest things to simulate outside of dealing with a second language in its own country and having the chance to deal with real life situations involving speakers of the second language.

Games Activities Engage with other learners in our structured online community for games, activities, and live chats all designed to help you reinforce your new language skills.