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When beginning a chat, your position in the queue and the estimated wait time are displayed on your screen so you know how long you'll be waiting to speak to a representative.

The contact management software is a clean-cut application that offers simple navigation and customized features and tools.

Sage ACT! Pro 2012.

We found the additional middle toolbar a great asset for the application.

Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of it like your business command center that serves.

Contact Management Compare Salesforce NetSuite OnContact Act.

They have several offices throughout North America that you can contact as well.

Pro CRM software can handle only one to 10 users.

The toolbar works in a tab format and allows you to keep your top window the same while your bottom window changes to show a variety of information within this contact management software.

This business contact manager provides companies with a clean, well-designed application that serves as a fantastic contact manager and a marketing tool at all once.

Installing Sage ACT! 2013 Pro. Place the installation disc into your CD-ROM drive. The main download installation menu appears. If not present, the InstallShield Wizard will.

Each option that you select will open in the main window making it possible for you to collect information, perform additional tasks and access different tools and features.

The side toolbar found on the left side of the window provides options for users to access different screens and the tools and options that correspond with each.

The time never went up when the wait was longer, but it stayed at a 17-second wait for a few minutes.

Anyone can chat with a customer service representative, but only designated users who have an account can chat with a customer support representative.

The difference being that the customer service representatives handle your contact information, order status, product registration, updates and assistance with replacement materials.

Summary : 8.8 / 10 We believe that users who select Sage Act!

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Help Support Compare Salesforce NetSuite OnContact Act SalesNexus Maximizer CRM SugarCRM m Infusionsoft TeamWox To contact Sage regarding their contact management software you have the option of chatting via a live chat form or calling a toll-free phone number.

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Each option has a tab so you can easily click back and forth while continuously viewing their name and contact information on the top of the page.