Simple Last Will And Testament Download

My Executor shall have the authority to borrow money for any purpose connected with the liquidation and administration of my estate and to that end may encumber any of the assets of my estate.

I do hereby declare that this is my last will and testament and that I revoke / cancel and annul all wills that were previously made by me either jointly or independently.

I am married to _ referred to as my spouse below.

Should I, my spouse and my children all die simultaneously or within thirty days of dell each other as a result of the same accident, then I hereby direct that my whole estate whether movable or immovable and wherever situated and of whatever nature shall be distributed as follows: _ _ _ _.

Under the penalty of perjury we declare that these statements are to microsoft be true and correct on this: _ Day of _ 20_ At this location: Address: _ Witness 1: Name: _ Address: _ Signature: _ Witness 2: Name: _ Address: _ Signature: _.

I give and grant the Executor all the powers and authority that are required or allowed in law including that of assumption.

I have the following children: Name: _ Date of Birth: _.

I do hereby direct that on my death my remains shall be cremated and all cremation expenses shall be paid out of my estate.

My Executor shall have full and absolute power in their discretion to sell all or any assets of my estate, whether by public auction or private sale and shall be entitled to let any property in my estate on such terms and conditions as my be acceptable to my beneficiaries.

Social Security Number _ _ Address SECTION 1.

I bequeath the whole of my estate, property and effects, whether movable or immovable, and wherever they may be situated and of whatever nature to my spouse: _.

I direct that my Executor shall not be required to furnish security and shall serve without any bond.

If my spouse is not living as natural guardian, I hereby appoint _ or failing him or her, I appoint _ to be the legal Guardian of my minor children named as follows: _ _ _ _ I direct that my above nominated Guardian shall not be required to furnish security for acting in the.

Should any provision that is contained in this will be judged by an appropriate court of law as invalid it shall not affect any of the remaining provisions.

Should my spouse no survive me by at least thirty days.

I do hereby nominate and appoint _as Executor of my last my will or if the Executor is unable or unwilling to serve then I appoint the following as _ alternate Executor.

Pending the distribution of my estate my Executors shall have the authority to carry on any business, venture or partnership in which I may have any interest at the time of my death.

I hereby direct that my whole estate, property and effects, whether movable or immovable, wherever situated and whatever nature shall be divided between my children named above and in equal shares.