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The Web server sends back a "401"HTTP response to your browser indicating that you are not authorized to see that requested resource (generally a Web page).

It shows that the SiteMinder policy server is saturated while the other servers are lightly loaded.

AuthMark Login Scenario Benchmark specified below in order to have the context to understand the discussion in this section.

Once a user has been authenticated, the version Web browser automatically sends the authorization header whenever the user requests a URL in a realm requiring authentication.

The AuthMark Benchmark is designed to test the performance of products that provide authentication and authorization services in support of Web servers.

After the user is authenticated, the request is checked to see if the user is authorized to use the requested resource.

ILOAD MVP provides a tool to generate realistic data for the LDAP V3 orgalizationalPerson schema and Netscape's inetOrgPerson schema.

After you enter your user ID and password, your browser stores them in memory and associates them with theprotected space (called a realm ) containing the URL you requested.

Table 5: AuthMark Login Scenario Configuration Parameters reggae Number of users in security directory/data base 1,000,000 Number of organizationalUnits or security groups 10 Total number of user sessions 100,000 Number of HTTP GETs per user session 1 (authentication actually causes 2 GETs to be issued) Running the Login Scenario The basic steps for running the Login.

If you are authorized, the Web server sends the Web page you requested.

Now that you have been authenticated, the authorization system checks whether or not you are authorized to access Web pages in the realm.

We suggest that you review the details of the.

These tests show SiteMinder's performance on three different server configurations: a single server with one CPU, a single server with two CPUs, and two servers with two CPUs.

Typically, the authentication requirement is specified as part of the Web server's configuration or via an authentication/authorization product embedded in the Web server.

SiteMinder download. SiteMinder free download. SiteMinder Template driven content management system written in PHP designed.

Table 1 show the performance scaling we measured for SiteMinder.

Login Scenario Parameters The Login Scenario is based on the iLOAD MVP configuration parameter values in Table 5.

Figure 1 are for the warmed-up Login Scenario tests.

Download the JCE Unlimited The Tomcat valve for CA SiteMinder relies on using SAS Web Server Create a nf.