Starship Titanic Game Download

"What are the 3D glasses for?" They're punishment for people who end their sentences with a preposition.

Everything beyond section II can be considered "spoilers" which may just ruin the game for you if you're not careful.

Prehaps you should listen to the taunts now and then.

"Who is this Douglas Adams person, anyway?" He's the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which initially started out as a BBC radio program before spawning a 5-book trilogy, TV show, a text adventure game from Infocom, a comic book, a movie (coming soon and a whole slew of other neat-o stuff.

You have a very good idea what happened to the ship).

Non-Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions # "So, is Starship Titanic a text adventure?" No, it's a graphic adventure with a text interface for talking to various characters in the game.

Finally, go to the DeskBot, answer quickbooks all her questions, and get your Super Galactic Traveler class room.

"What do the sculptures do?" They adjust the robot's settings.

Contact Simon Schuster with your bug details, as I can't help you here.

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The Broken Elevator E-Mail The Parrot's Pistachios Upgrading free to 1st Class.

Unfortunately, something has gone very wrong, and it's up to you to not only find out what has gone wrong, but to fix it and get back home in one piece.

Part of the challenge of the game is asking the right questions of the various Bots to figure out how to solve the various puzzles and problems.

In SGT class, you can look up and click on the doors to discover what room it is.

You can't approach it, so it just may not be anything.

Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions # "How do I solve all of these puzzles?" This isn't your standard adventure game, in case you hadn't figured it out.

To get there, take the stairs near the Top of the Well on the side nearest the Embarkation Lobby, turn around, and enter the neatly hidden door.

Check the "Requirements" section for each piece to see which parts have to be played before others.

"What are those little dials on the side of the PET?" The top dial is the robot's disposition towards you, and indicates whether or not the Bot is likely to help you out.