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Aim for easy access, not neat storage, for lawn equipment.

Don't just shift remaining papers around your desk.

When you wear something, turn the hanger in.

Put birthday cards, directions to a baby shower, a note to check on furniture deliveries, even vacation brochures in the appropriate dragon months.

Tackle the correspondence pile right after lunch, and head to the copy machine just once.

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Get a key chainsize Swiss Army knife with pullout pen.

Bring order to scarves and belts with an "accessory ladder a chain of shower curtain ringsone for hp each itemtrailing down from the top of a hanger, says Donna Smallin, author of Organizing Plain and Simple.

File copies of important documents (birth certificates, car title, passports, proof of immunizations, insurance information, etc.) in a three-ring binder with zippered plastic pockets.

To free up your dresser, put plastic stacking bins with drawers inside your closet for socks, underpants and bras.

Store all car wash products in a bucket in the garage.

Free up glove compartment space: Stow owner's manuals in the passenger seat's back pocket.

Buy a closet organizer instead of just dreaming about it.

Organize future events with a monthly accordion file.

Don't assume he'll keep those Honey-Do projects in his head.

Keep a large, sturdy garbage can on wheels next to your car to toss candy wrappers or other trash, says Waddill.

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If disaster strikes, you can grab it and go.

To avoid "senior moments" with the dry cleaning, library books, videos or packages to mail, put outgoing items on the passenger seat, not on the kitchen counter.

Create a "just in case" box for the car trunk: umbrella, cheap rain ponchos, scissors, big black marker, tape, paper towels, plastic bags, extra kids' socks and a one-size-fits-all T-shirt, sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants for adults, another for kids.

Put a clock in every single bathroom.