T Shirt Design Download

This image will be the one representing your piece for people to vote on.

The first image should be your art file (640 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall) and should be a good representation of the artwork.

Art Example 640x480 Placement Example 640x480 Download Individual Color Blanks.

We do require you show placement of your design in this submission image.

We use the art image to represent your submission in the vote gallery and through various areas on the site.

Feel free to use them in your submissions (you are not required to use these model shots) Download The Complete Kit!

Design Examples You are required to upload two seperate files when submitting to DBH.

Download Starter Files We will be posting a tutorial here shortly, in the mean time, we have provided some great model shots of all the blank colors.

The second image is your submission image (640 pixels wide x 480 pixels tall).

Although, thisis ready to be installed on a site as is, it is not intended to be a finishedproduct, nor would it likely provide any value without modification.

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Big thank you to Claudio Giessing for their generous Unstoppable Copier Donation of 5.00 USD.

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Download preview latest products and experiments from Adobe.

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