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Back then, when Case was just starting to become a highly respected school, the waiting list was pretty short and didnt take long to clear, so I got in.

I did very well at our school and for the first time, started to think of myself as someone who could actually accomplish things.

The most informative parts of my background are not in my public bio, so let me tell you a little more to help set the stage for what Ill be talking about.

The sort of squared away corporate type you see standing here this afternoon bears no resemblance to the universe bell bottomed, lamb chop side-burned college kid of 40 years ago.

But money, just money all by itself, does not provide a sense of worth or accomplishment, or even peace of mind.

I find myself very close to my lifelong goal of not spending one second doing things I dont want to do or being with people I dont want to be with.

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In 2000 a friend and colleague took over as managing partner and three years later in 2003, that nearly 160-year-old firm, and my only job for 30 years, collapsed.

First, I am a lifetime Cleveland resident.

General post After nearly 30 years of advising and writing about professional services, I have decided to retire.

All but perhaps 5 or 6 of our partners, associates and staff, maybe 200 people, threw their lots in together, and we formed Tucker Ellis West, which is a truly great place to practice.

I submit theres much more to being a satisfied lawyer than making a lot of money.

If you want to catch up with past podcasts in this or my previous podcast series, go to m/podcasts.

We value our people for what they accomplish.

My point was that most law practices by their nature are enterprise designed to produce a comfortable living, not make us rich.

No matter what, were all looking for just a little more.

So, many thanks to those who have followed and supported my work.

This was a terrible mistake and now, more and more of us see its dark implications: the bragging rights on how many billable hours we charge (and the matching lost weekends and evenings rates that are topping 1000 an hour; and clients who believe their files are being worked to death by armies of inexperienced.