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We have been fed the same old story about Mental Illness for too long!

Photo Gallery: Nashville Check out the top wrecks and rides from the Jack Daniel's Music City Knockout from Nashville.

The Wave Riders is about learning how to take back your power by understanding how you think and process the world around you.

Within these three trends you will discover why caesar mental "illness" is on the rise and why many of us have been unnecessarily medicated!

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Patricia takes you beyond the way that your doctor sees you (as a series of symptoms to be matched in their diagnosis protocols) to see yourself as gifted and not damaged.

This is substantiated by the typical wait times that riders report.

This New Knowledge works with or without medication.

She teaches that it is possible to bounce back from bankruptcy and gives hope to see a better future.

Perceived is not greater than measured wait time with real-time information.

The study found that for riders without real-time information, perceived wait time is greater than measured wait time.

What started with the book - grew to more books and more tools (like software to chart your moods vs your daily routine) and is now exploding into a tsunami wave of activity and growing international membership.

View Sample Chapter of the new Book Then be ready to move on to her soon to be released.

Although transit agencies continuously work to improve on-time performance, such efforts often come at a substantial cost.

Lachlan Richardson claimed his second consecutive Touring Pro Division win last week.

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This new book is backed up by years of research by PhDs worldwide that your doctor likely does not know yet very few do!

One inexpensive way to combat the perception of unreliability from the user perspective is real-time transit information.