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File and folder naming ul li Be systematic and careful /li /ul ul li No spaces /li /ul ul li No special characters /li /ul 21.

XMetaL Developer provides flexibility in customization and deployment to optimize the environment to reflect the natural work style of your users.

Insert menu ul li Allows bassnectar you to insert elements /li /ul ul li Shows most available.

Leverage Microsoft Visual Studios script and schema/DTD editing facilities, proactively validating syntax, flagging code errors to test scripts on-the-fly.

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Tags On view ul li Shows content /li /ul ul li Shows XML element tags /li /ul ul li Indicated by this icon: /li /ul ul li Allows precise insertion /li /ul ul li Allows tag deletion/unwrapping /li /ul ul li Click box to expand/collapse: /li /ul ul li Tip: CTRLSHIFT toggles Tags On Normal.

Reliably script sophisticated manipulations for your XML content with a standards-compliant Document Object Model (DOM) implementation.

Tailor XML authoring to fit your organization.

Typographical elements ul li Bold /li /ul ul li Italic /li /ul ul li Underline /li /ul 12.

Leverage sample applications and scripts as a starting point for development.

Promote Standards-Based Excellence Choose the schema language that best meets your needs: load W3C XML Schema, XML DTDs, or SGML DTDs.

Plain Text view ul li Edit all XML markup and content /li /ul ul li Indicated by this icon: /li /ul ul li Does not check validity /li /ul ul li Can create invalid XML /li /ul 16.

XMetaL Author ul li Standard word-processing environment /li /ul ul ul li Multiple undo (and redo) /li /ul /ul ul ul li Spell checking thesaurus /li /ul /ul ul ul li Change tracking /li /ul /ul ul li Create and edit text /li /ul ul li Familiar editing features to create content /li /ul 9.

Tailor the Development Platform Personalize the entire XMetaL Developer environment to complement unique preferences and work style.

XMetaL Developer is a tool for fast configuration of XML content authoring solutions acer that combines best-in-class development tools in a robust and flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Role of DITA Tools ul ul li An authoring tool is a user interface for creating DITA content /li /ul /ul 6.

Use common scripting languages for faster configuration.

About DITA ul li Darwin Information Typing Architecture /li /ul ul li Created at IBM /li /ul ul li Now developed and maintained by OASIS /li /ul ul li Standard XML language /li /ul ul li Cost-effective way to create, publish, reuse, and exchange structured content /li /ul 5.